What a great night! AWESOME Event. It really felt like a post Halloween party / circus / burning man strange factory. Big thanks to Ezra and Julia Croft Productions http://www.ejcartshows.com/ for putting on this event and for giving artists a great chance to expand.



Help us celebrate this HUGE show of tiny art, with small pieces from over 160 local artists.

APE 2015.

THANK YOU to everyone who made it by to my table at APE this weekend. 
And a big thank you to my friend and helper Kassandra Gamez who really was a great blessing! Couldn't have done it without you!

I'll be at APE this year! With all new little glitter paintings. 100% original art.
TABLE #240 at the South Hall San Jose Convention Center located at 
435 S. Market Street San Jose 95113


Peek at what I'll have at my table 

Running with Scissors at TR!CKSTER


2631 Ashby Ave, suite A, Berkeley, CA 94705

Facebook Event Link

My very first paper art piece "Red Ridding Hood" for this amazing show. All pieces are made of paper. Featured artist Brittney Lee, Alina Chau, Julia Cone, Jackie Huang, and more. I'm very honored to be in this show among these amazing artists who I admire.

UPDATE! Here's a look at the opening reception.

Red Ridding Hood

My very first paper art piece. Specially created for upcoming
Featuring art from Brittney Lee, Julia Cone, and Alina Chau

THIEF Tote bag

I'm one of the featured artists this month SEPT 2015 for The Starving Canvas.
My work will be featured on these special tote bags.
You can purchase your very own at this link:

Snake Charm

This piece was originally created for the 63 Bluxome St. Gallery  "Freak Show" 
After looking at vintage photos of Freak Show's I found myself drawn to the mystery of the Snake Charmer. So this piece is a glitter salute to those who are Charming in more ways than one.

UPDATE: Here's a peek at FREAK SHOW

The Chocolate and Art Show

JULY 30-31 . 8 PM-2 AM

Come find me and my glitter art at this upcoming show!


"Greetings from Paradise" art gallery at TR!CKSTER

A look into the gallery opening at TR!CKSTER

Great tropical themed artwork from these artists and more :
Ayah Andoh
Jordy Farrell
Matt Jones
Alina Chau
Steph Laberis
Ikumi Moriya-Presing
Jeff Pidgeon
John Hoffman
Brittney lee
and myself Charlene Kelley

Tiki Girl

She will be available at TR!CKSTER gallery "Greetings from Paradise" show.
Opening reception June 13, 6-9pm. 2631 Ashby Ave. Berkeley, CA
Tiki Girl


Be sure not to miss out on this next gallery show at TR!CKSTER. 
designed by Jeff Pidgeon

Art is Healing benefit auction

I donated this piece to the "Art is Healing" benefit auction. Free to the public.
JUNE 25, 6-9 PM
The Ed Roberts Campus
3075 Adeline St. Berkeley CA
(above the Ashby Bart station free parking after 3pm)
Live music by jazz musicians Earle Davis and light refreshments provided.

"Lavender Cake Girl"
8.5 x 16 $300 value

My First Inspiration

Some of you may have wondered where I got the idea to make paintings out of glitter.
It started when I was working at an animation house called Maverix. It was around the end of 2007; a coworker introduced me to this link KQED arts program SPARK. It was a profile on his former colleague Rene Garcia Jr. who was a Glitter Artist. My mind was blown! I thought how fun and how brilliant! I loved the idea of sparkly paintings. So unique and one of a kind!

I was so inspired by Rene Garcia Jr. I began creating glitter art on my own. Trial and error ensued. First I used glitter glue and found it didn't have the right look, too bubbly and not enough glitter. So then I tried loose glitter on top of Elmer's Glue and that was perfect! I tried it on cardboard, witch was terrible. Wood worked the best. I first started with only 3 colors of glitter. Mixing them together in analogous colors. As my process grew I accumulated more and more glitter. 

I had the opportunity to go to Project One (now Mercer) and see Rene Garcia Jr.'s art in person. I was amazed at his glitter art pieces. So large and bold, I wanted to stay among his work forever. What was even better was that Rene and I had mutual friends. Charlie Canfield offered to introduce me to Rene himself. I was so excited to meet Rene, so excited and so star struck! I followed Charlie across the room and stood there numb as he introduced me to Rene.

Rene shook my hand, smiled, and told me not to be nervous, 'I'm just a normal guy' he said. We started talking shop, witch was amazing since I had no one else I could talk about this with. We traded our techniques and ways we worked with glitter. Chatting my way from Fan to Friend he tells me "Just have fun with it" and with that I've been making glitter paintings ever since.

Just yesterday I got the news that Rene Garcia Jr. passed away. I'm in shock and devastated. Through these passed years he's been encouraging and sweet. I followed his art and his shows and I can't believe that he's gone. I can't find the words to express how I feel. Heartbroken. Rene has changed my life. Really would not be doing what I do if it wasn't for knowing him. Every piece I made I would wonder 'what would Rene think of this?" Now every piece I make will be to remember Rene.
(meeting Rene for the first time)

Suite J-Town Gallery OPEN


The Suite J-Town Gallery is officially open! 
hrs: Fri and Sat 1-6 till May 16th

Video directions to our space in Japantown Center east mall second floor

This project has been helping the Japantown community see it's worth and recognize it's vital role. The future of the area is unclear due to it being sold to developers. If you'd like to help continue our mission to revitalize the Japantown community please donate to our project. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. Or come join us at our next events.

For more information please visit http://suitejtown.squarespace.com/about/

Thanks to KPFA 94.1 FM Radio for this audio interview about SUITE J-TOWN

Suite J-Town Gallery Exhibit "Butterflies"

22 Peace Plaza, Suite 525, San Francisco, CA
As one of the J-Tells for Suite J-Town The Art of Resilience project in Japantown 
I created these two large butterflies. 24x18
Will be on display in Japantown Center East Mall up stairs corner. 

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A Night With The Doctor! 
A Doctor Who Art Show and TARDIS Party!
by Ezra and Julia Croft Productions
view Facebook event click here
March 21 at 7:30 pm
2565 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110

 Instagram #TardisParty